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15cm bamboo 2.5mm double pointed knitting needlesbamboo double pointed needles dpn
A set of 5 2.5mm double pointed 16cm knitting needles .  The picture shows many packets but it is only one packet
(+ postage: £0.70)

metal 2.5mm double pointed knitting needles 15cmmetal dpn double pointed needles

A set of 5 metal 2.5mm  double pointed knitting needles.  15cm long

It is for one packet of 5 not the multiple packets as shown

(+ postage: £0.70)

simple sewing kitbasic sewing kit

Simple sewing kit, consisting of a selection of needles 12 small reels of cotton thimble tape measure

Ideal emergency sewing kit for those going to college!!

(+ postage: £1.50)

Tape measureTape measure
Twilleys of Stamford 60 inch 152 cm fibreglass tape measure
(+ postage: £0.61)