What do you need 100g ball of 4 ply sock yarn, a set of 2.5mm DPN's, a pattern, 3 stitch markers and a tapestry sewing needle for sewing in the ends.This may be purchased as a kit for 10.99 each.

Basic pattern

100g 4 ply wool,5 2,5mm double pointed needles, stitch markers, needle

36 stitches/ 44 rows for 10cm

st stitch(es)
K knit
P Purl
K2tog knit 2 stitches together
P2tog purl 2 stitches together
psso pass slip stitch over
sl1 Slip 1 stitch by passing it from the left hand needle to the
right without working it

Instructions (make 2)
Cast on 60 stitches and divide evenly between 3 needles. Mark the beginning of a round with a stitch marker

Work k2 p2 rib in rounds for 4cm or desired length

Knit until the total length is 15cm or desired length ending at the stitch marker

Heel flap
K15 stitches after the stitch marker, Turn
1st row S1 P29 turn
Place the stitches not worked on to a stitch holder (a spare piece of wool is fine)
2nd row S1 K29 turn
Repeat these 2 rows until 30 rows have been worked (ending with a K row)

Heel shaping
1st row s1 p16 p2tog p1 turn
2nd row s1 k5 s1 k1 psso k1 turn
3rd row s1 p6 p2tog p1 turn
4th row s1 k7 s1 k1 psso k1 turn
continue in this way taking in one more stitch each row until all the heel stitches have been included

Pick up instep (a fifth needle may be required)
Pick up knitwise 15 stitches down side of heel flap place a stitch marker
place marker
Pick up knitwise 15 stitches up side of heel flap
Knit to middle stitch marker.

Shape Instep
1st round Knit to 4 stitches beforestitch marker k2tog k2 knit to next marker k2 s1 k1 psso. K to the end of the row
2nd round Knit
Repeat these two rounds until 60 stitches are left then work round 2 until the foot knitting reaches 1.5inches less than the foot length needed

Round 1 Starting at the middle stitch marker knit to 4 stitches before the next stitch marker k2tog k4 s1 k1 psso knit to 4 stitches before the next stitch marker k2tog k4 s1 k1 psso knit to end of round
Round 2 Knit
Repeat these two rounds until 24 stitches are left

Graft the stitches together.