Hints to help when making socks particularly for the first time. Have you noticed that the sock is too tight at the top or that as you knit a ladder appears. This could be the page that you have been waiting for

1 When you cast on, loosen every stitch slightly or cast on on a larger size needle. This will give a bit more stretch factor.

2 When you cast on and you are using self patterning yarn, make the slip knot at the point between two colours. This way you can match up the second sock more easily.

3 For the first few socks that you make, always work a few stitches from the next needle at the end of the each needle so that you are moving the end along and it not appear in the same place. When first knitting socks you can be a bit loose at the changeover point and this stagger eliminates the ladder effect.

4 When first knitting socks, start each new needle with a knit stitch, it helps to keep tension consistent.

5 Do not twist the cast on edge when making it into a round.

6 Rib. I do a different type of rib for each member of the family. That way it saves arguements.

7 When doing the heel part of the sock, I always slip the first stitch, it helps when you come to picking up stitches.

8 When picking up stitches, I tend to pick up an extra stitch very close to the last one that I knitted. When working the first round after this I work these two stitches together, this way small holes don't materialise.

I hope that this is of help . If you have any queries about sock making then please email  it to me here and I will try to solve the problem